Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Season Gizmo's

Nice work so far on your work on the Gizmo's about the Seasons.

Between now and the end of class on Wednesday you need to answer the questions to all five Gizmo's. Since these question are quite difficult, I will allow you to reset the scores to one of the Gizmo's and you can drop your lowest score. So you total grade for this will be out of 20.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Science Research Project Check-In

Today I checked in with you all to talk to you about your research topics. So hopefully you have a good idea of what to focus your research on now. The first check in date is Friday April 17th. This is what you should have prepared for then.

Due on Check-In Date

  • 3 sources written down in your notebook (at least 1 non-internet source).
  • 1 hard copy of a source (either print a webpage out or bring a book).
  • Be able to talk to Mr. Kehoe about what you have learned so far.