Monday, March 30, 2015

Independent Science Project Topic Ideas

The purpose of the Independent Science Project is to give you the opportunity to research an area of Space Science that you are interested in and that we won't cover in class this trimester. Most of the topics we won't cover are areas beyond the Solar System. However you can choose to research something within the Solar System in more depth than what we will cover. For example you could research the Mars Lander Curiosity, The Rings of Saturn or The Moons of Jupiter.

Below are a list of topics we will cover in class in the Earth, Moon and Sun Unit and the Solar System Unit. Then at the bottom of the page are the topics Beyond the Solar System that we brainstormed on Friday.

Earth Moon and Sun Concepts
Earth's Orbit, Rotation, and Tilt
Day/Night and time zones
Solar Flares
Phases of the Moon

Solar System Concepts
The Terrestrial Planets
The Gas Giants
Asteroid Belt and Oort Cloud
Definition of a planet

Beyond (based on student brainstorm)
Black Holes
Other Galaxies
Extraterrestrial Life
The Big Bang
The Multiverse
Time/Space Relationship
The Milky Way
The Edge of the Universe

Friday, March 20, 2015

Rock Cycle Quiz Review

  • Physical Weathering
  • Chemical Weathering
  • Biological Weathering
  • The Rock Cycle
  • Rock Stages in the Rock Cycle
  • Processes in the Rock Cycle
  • Physical Features and Properties of Sedimentary Rock
  • Physical Features and Properties of Metamorphic Rock
  • Physical Features and Properties of Igneous Rock
  • Extrusive and Intrusive Igneous Rock
  • Minerals vs Rocks
  • Fossils

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Rock Mineral Mini Poster

The poster is due on Monday, and you will be given some time in class to work on it, but you will also have to work it at home as well. Here is what it should include.
  1. Large Colorful Title of Rock Mineral Name
  2. Labelled diagram next to actual rock
  3. Fun Fact
  4. Information typed or neatly written including:
    • How the rock is formed? (What type is it?)
    • What is it made of? (Any minerals present?)
    • Where is it found?
    • What are its physical properties?
    • What are its chemical properties?
    • What are some used for the rock?
Here is a quick example I put together in a few minutes.